Our Mission Is Simple.

Provide student athletes with assistance to reach their dreams

Ace The Future is a 501(c)(3) and we were founded after working closely with Tough Tennis Academy, an international boutique tennis academy in Naples, FL. Although their dedicated instructors were driven to maximize each player’s success, we realized financial restrictions were causing some players to miss out on opportunities that would advance their game. Your donation allows us to connect driven student athletes with highly qualified professionals at Tough Tennis Academy to receive one-on-one lessons, tournament access, travel expenses, new equipment, and so much more at no added cost to the player.


Why we created ace

We created Ace The Future simply because we believe that no student athlete’s success should be limited by finances.


what you can do to help

Donate! Whether it’s simply $5 or $100, your tax-exempt donation will provide young athletes with opportunities they would otherwise never receive.

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how we make a difference

Private lessons, access to tournaments, travel expenses, new equipment, schooling, and more at NO cost to the athlete truly helps advance their game to the next level.